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Title: Religious Hard Talk

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Title: Religious Hard Talk

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Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal has warned the Christian leaders of Jamaica to “beware” as he sets off on a preaching mission to see “Jamaicans renounce Christianity and become Muslims”. In his first interview since his deportation in May, al-Faisal describes Christianity as “false” and “blasphemous”. On October 2nd 2007 Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal and Bishop Joseph Ade Gold engaged in a debate on Television Jamaica’s (TVJ) Religious Hard Talk on the topic Christianity or Islam, Where is the truth? Speaking to presenter Ian Boyne, Sheikh Abdullah states that “Christians are pagans because they worship three gods”. The Topic of Debate: Christianity or Islam, Where is the truth? Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal vs. Bishop Joseph Ade Gold ( Overcomers Wolrd Ministries )

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