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Title: The Life Of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz

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Title: The Life Of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz

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When Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (ra) became caliph, he wrote to the great scholar Hasan al-Basree (ra) asking him to describe the attributes of a just Imaam, and Hasan replied:

�Know, commander of Believers, that God has made the just Imaam the prop of every learner, the straightener of every deviator, the reform of all corrupt, the strength of all weak, The justice of all oppressed, the refuge of all who are pitied. The just Imaam, O commander of Believers, is like a herdsman, solicitous for the camels he tends, desiring the sweetest pasture for them, driving them away from any dangerous grazing place, protecting them from beast of prey, and shielding them from the harms of heat and cold.� Find out what kind of a man he was, narrated by Hesham Al Awadi.

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