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Title: Getting Ready for Ramadan



Title: Getting Ready for Ramadan

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The month of Ramadan is only weeks away inshallah and the IC wants to help you be ready for it. Starting on June 15th, join us each Wednesday night as Imam Khalid Latif presents a different topic each through lecture and interactive exercises tailored to make sure you get the most out of your Ramadan inshallah. Topics will include, but not be limited to,:

-Intention: definement, alignment and taking action
-Making and Breaking Habits
-The Fiqh of Fasting
Understanding Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness and Your Emotions
-How to Build a Relationship with the Qur’an
-Effective Du’aa: being ready for the conversation
-Building a Relationship with Allah and His messenger, ‘alayhis salaam
-Rights upon Yourself: Physically Benefitting from your Fasting

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