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Title: The Eternal Tie


Title: The Eternal Tie

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Growing Up In Countries That Are Not Islamic, It’s Often For The Youth To Come Across People Asking: How Comes You Guys As Muslims Don’t Have Boyfriends And Girlfriends? How Comes You Guys Don’t Do This? How Comes Islamic Marriages Are Like That? Hey, Why Do You Have To Listen To Your Dad Or You’re Mum, You Know, Who Cares About Your Mum And Dad. I Want Her To Be Tall And White, Beautiful Silky Hair, Has A Different Colour During The Day, Different Colour During The Night, If You See Her From Far She’s Beautiful And If She Comes Close She’s Even More Beautiful As If She’s Riding A Horse. A Young Women Came To See Me Recently Who Was Forced In To A Marriage By Her Parents, Who Had Engaged In Domestic Abuse And This Young Women, She Says That ‘I Was Forced In Being In This Relationship For More Than Years And Every Single Night That My Husband Came And Approached Me In A Physically Intimate Way, I Felt As If This Man Was Raping Me Because I Had No Desires To Be With Him, I Did Not Want To Be There Sharing A Bed With Him And I Wished That I Had Said ‘No’ When I Had The Opportunity To Say No And I Wished They Had Listen To Me Every Single Time I Had Said No And Not Jump When In My Weakness I Had Said: Yes’. The Sisters Have The Right Inside The Home, They Are In Charge, Don’t Come Home With Your Chest Popped Up, Where’s The Food? What’s Going On? Bla Bla, Go And Get This, Why Are You, Didn’t … Be Quiet! Leave The Sister Alone, She Don’t Have To Do Nothing For You, Nothing! You: Allah SWT Says: This Don’t Mean You Are The Commander Of The Women, No, You Have Responsibilities To Them, She Don’t Even Have To Work, She Don’t Have To Lift A Cup, She Don’t Have To Do Any Work, She Don’t Have To Clean Your Clothes, She Don’t Have To Iron Your Clothes, She Don’t Have To Was No Dishes, She Don’t Have To Cook No Food For You, She Don’t Have To Do Anything, This Is Not Her Job, You Want Somebody To Do That, Go Hire A Servant But If She Does That, This Will Be A Blessing For Her In Front Of Allah SWT, She Should Do That To Want To Serve Her Husband, To Obtain His Pleasure Because The Pleasure Of The Husband Is Next To What? The Pleasure Of Allah, The Displeasure Of The Husband Is Next To The Displeasure Of Allah, The Prophet SAW Said: That The Husband That Goes To Sleep While He Is Displeased With His Wife, What Happens? The ‘Maalaikah’ Curse Her All Of The Night. Be Romantic! Tell The Man, Be Romantic To The Lady, The Prophet SAW Was Romantic, He Gave Them A Rose And Take It Home To Your Darling Wife And Tell Her This Is For You O Darling, Believe Me, Wallahi That Will Change Her Whole Day, That Will Change Her Whole Day And You’ll Have The Best Meal That Night, The Best Meal, Something You’ve Never Tasted, And I’m Pretty Sure A Lot Of Us Romantic Men Have Tried This, If You Can Not Afford A Rose, Get A Candle, What For? Put It Underneath, Switch All The Lights Off, Switch All The Lights Off And Have Dinner Together Under A Candle Light Or You Want To Be More Romantic, Go To The Moon, Underneath The Light Of The Moon, This Not A joke, It’s Serious, The Prophet SAW Was Romantic, Now We Have Complicated Marriage So Much, That Unfortunately ‘Haram’ Became Easier Than ‘Halal’, SO Marriage Was Very Simple, Who Would Go To Somebody Whom They Know Is A Good Person, A Righteous Person, A Brother Who Is In Need Of Marriage And Will Tell Them, I Would Offer You My Daughter, Who Will Do That Now? They Will Say Things: It’s Shame, It’s Embarrassing, It’s Not Good, It’s Lowering Your Status And Rasulullah Told The Ones Who Wanted To Choose A Different Path, That This Is Not My Sunnah, The Ones That Wanted To Practise A Life Of Celibacy And Get Away From Marriage, Because They Heard That This Was The Practise Of The Christian Monks, Rasulullah Said: This Is Not My Sunnah, This Is Not My Way.

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