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Title: No one understands me

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Title: No one understands me

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This is a one of a kind lecture from Shaykh Hasan Ali, which should be watched by everyone. Many problems with the youth we see root in their upbringing and can easily be avoided. There will always be a generation gap between the parents and their children, and lucky are the parents who understand that and adapt. Otherwise, like the Shaykh says, the children live a double life, one in front of the parents and the other in front of others.

This lecture deals with many issues and offers practical advice and counselling.
-Understanding the generation gap & how to overcome it.
-the necessity for parent-child communication
-the importance of parents setting an example.
-Dangers of both extremes: Too controlling parents and too lenient ones.

Many a times we hear “No one understands me” because the family doesn’t take the time to get to know each other. Family life is about communication, compromise and forgiveness.

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