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Title: Does Islam need modernisation?

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Title: Does Islam need modernisation?

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The brother explains the reality of the Muslims a few decades ago, with both the public and secretive attempts to modernise Islam. He then goes onto explain Muslims seeing Islam as a practical solution to our problems and thus the war on Islam was declared openly by the West.

We see terminology revolving around this subject; ‘civilized’, ‘barbaric’, ‘extremists’, ‘freedom’, etc in order to polarise the thoughts of the Ummah by criminalising Islam. The more that time goes on, the more that anything Islam will be seen as radical and non-tolerable. We have seen this in 2013 with the gender segregation issue, the niqaab ban debate, the banning and demonisation of Muslim speakers on university campuses and more.

The talk analyses these claims, highlights the hypocrisy of the West, addresses our ‘identity crisis‘ and asks the question ‘Does Islam need modernisation?’ and highlights the Islamic mechanism of solving modern-day problems. The talk finally ends with what will actually bring a halt to this secularisation of Muslims as well as both physical and intellectual attacks on Islam.

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